Woman as human being

The Only right that woman wants to have is being herself treated as a human being. Women were seen as a product in a showroom by most the men in society. Woman are sketched under lots of criteria to be a woman. She cannot decide to be herself and cannot do what she really likes to do. She cannot decide her appearance, outfit and even her hairstyle at all. Is grooming ourselves becomes a great offence? Not at all. To stuck with what we like and want gives us peace and make us feel fresh is not at all a big deal but being as a woman it was not a easy one.

The life of woman is simple, woman in her 20’s depends on her father and after that she depends on her husband and at last she depends her son. This is the life of a woman and only if she belongs to this category she’ll be praised and considered to be disciplined woman by her family and society.

She is expected to leave our own parents to serve her parents-in-law and they are expected to walk aesthetically , talk respectfully, dress modestly, and act traditionally or else she might suffer social ostracism. So, in this country, the issue is not simply that women are considered inferior to men, but their value is based on their actions or appearance, not their abilities or who they are.

The Conclusion is men or women everyone have their own desire, dream and some passion for something just follow those things irrespective of the social norms and be satisfied to yourself first.