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The Only right that woman wants to have is being herself treated as a human being. Women were seen as a product in a showroom by most the men in society. Woman are sketched under lots of criteria to be a woman. She cannot decide to be herself and cannot…

Dear high girl,

Let it all stereotypes flew away from the toxic society who blindly believes the irrational standards out there. You may be either someone who is tall, fair and attractive or you may be short, dusky and simple. That’s just a fact of our entity. The actual attributes…

Cheers! Cheers to the day

I’m blooming all day.

Cheers! Cheers to the love

I possess it everyday.

Salute to the soul, which throws

kindness to the weary.

Admire the person who ’s

an epitome of composure

Adapt forgiveness, not just to excuse,

but to tenant peace.

Oh ! Inspiring entrepreneur, you a brave woman,
You are making my creamy dreams
A bundle of warm blood !
Oh ! Striking entrepreneur, you a courageous woman,
You believed you could
so you did it ! Just inspiring !
Oh ! Impelling entrepreneur, you a valiant woman,
You are making us to walk
where our heart leads us !

Vinija S

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